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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

   What price do I pay for carpooling?

For the ride, a remuneration is paid to the driver. The amount is determined by the driver and the passenger, in consensus. It is best to agree on this amount before the ride. Taxistop advises to pay a remuneration of € 0.08 per kilometer, if the driver doesn’t have to make a detour.

If a driver makes a detour to pick up passengers, a remuneration of € 0.21 per kilometer is advised, for the distance of the detour.

It is very important to keep in mind that the driver can’t make a profit on the ride. This means that the total amount paid to the driver (by all the passengers) can’t be over € 0.34 per kilometer.

If the driver should make a profit on the ride, there are a lot of consequences for insurances, obligations concerning the driver’s license, fiscality…


   I can't find anyone to share my ride with

Don’t panic, our database is filled with new requests every day. Come back tomorrow and take another look!



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